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Among the primary Warehousing Industry in West Bengal, BDC Limited is the fastest growing warehousing company. We are offering warehousing & cold storage facilities to our customers.

More than 3 decades old company BDC Limited is an organization renowned for its reputation, reliable work culture, strong values, integrity and above all commitments to its clients.

As custodians of high value inventory it has .always been our pledge to be responsible and to deliver on the promise by adhering to a high standard of quality.







  • Our company comprises of 15 acres of land, situated in Dankuni with one end located on the service road of Durgapur Expressway and the other end which has its opening from Delhi Road, a 4 lane National Highway.
  • We are located 500 mtrs. before Dankuni Toll Booth.
  • The nearest Railway Station is 1 Km only. Moreover, Railway Siding for goods train with crane facility are also within 1 Km from our site.Dankuni Police Station, Hotel & Hospital is also within a range of 500 mtrs. from our premises.
  • Govt, and Private Bus Stops are within 50 mtrs.


  • Our Warehouses are well lighted and ventilated with excellent inventory management, proper bays for loading and unloading of goods and enough space of parking of trucks & trailors.
  • We have approx 19 sheds in our premises from 8,000 Sq. Ft to 70,000 Sq. Ft to offer.
  • We have valid NOC from Fire Department with approx 7 lakh ltrs. of water reservoir and enough fire hydrants.
  • By adhering to strict to safety rules we add competitive edge to our business.


  • Having two gates in our premises, our biggest advantage is easy accessibility to Durgapur Expressway on one end and Delhi Road on the other end.
  • Wide road for free movement of Trucks & Trailors, Administration Office, Weighbridge & Driver's Rest Room, Staff & Labour Quarters are available for use at an additional price.
  • There is no overhead HT line crossing from our company premises. But, we are having 33 KV HT line with our own sub-station. Sufficient water is available.
  • Our property is clear from forest designated area and there is no record of flooding in the last 15 years.
  • A big chunk of unskilled workers are also available nearby at a reasonable rate for loading/unloading of goods.
  • The land is already converted by the Govt, of West Bengal and is having a full pucca boundary wall by 10 ft. height.
  • We have canteen service inside our premises at a very reasonable cost for people working inside the property.

Our Clients

  SI. Name SI. Name  
  1. Asian Paints Limited 2. Avadh Sugar  
  3. AAJ Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. 4. Avvasyya CCI Logistics Limited  
  5. ASL Plastic Pvt. Ltd. 6. Atharv Intertrade  
  7. Bartaman Pvt. Ltd. 8. Bengal Agency  
  9. Castle Distributors Pvt. Ltd. 10. Delex Cargo (Amazon)  
  11. DARCL Logistics Limited 12. Electro Poles Products Pvt. Ltd.  
  13. Gati Kintetsu Pvt. Ltd. 14. Jaso India Pvt. Ltd.  
  15. Jyoti Waterproof Works Pvt. Ltd. 16. Jayem Warehousing Pvt. Ltd.  
  17. Kejriwal Sugar Pvt. Ltd. 18. Mrinmoyee Supply Pvt. Ltd.  
  19. NBFC 20. Shadowfax Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  
  21. Swiss Singapore Pvt. Ltd. 22. Sen Yang Enggineering  
  23. Volvo limited 24. Vikas Scaffolding Systems Pvt. Ltd.  
  25. Wacker Metro ark Limited      


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